Saxophone Chamber/Solo Works List

An ongoing endeavor to create a diverse list of works including the saxophone, and move the saxophone community forward. I have always urged the saxophone community to look forward with repertoire to see what the saxophone can further become, as opposed to the juxtaposition of finding an instrumental legacy in a relatively brief history. This list stands as an aid to saxophonists in their continued evolution forward.

This list is still in its beginning stages, but growing. To contribute works that you have written, performed, or heard, that fall into the classical/contemporary/experimental idiom and include any saxophone:

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To use this form properly, click on the downward arrow in the header column of each category. Click 'Text Filters', then 'Contains'. From here can type whatever you are looking for. This could be a duration (rounded up to the nearest minute), a year written, or any combination of instruments. To reset the search, click the downward arrow again and select 'Clear Filter'.

Please reach out to me at if you see any issues, I would be happy to fix anything or consider suggestions to improve the display.


This repertoire list is by no means complete and will be continuously updated.