Kevin Baldwin Application Supplementary Materials



body and… and…

Leanna Keith, bass flute

voiceless [this body] is filled

Leanna Keith, piccolo/alto flute Zac Larson, prepared tabletop guitar

the armless clock understands time [ii]

Leanna Keith, alto flute - Caitlin Beare, bass clarinet - Emily Acri, violin - Chris Young, cello - Anne H. Goldberg-Baldwin, piano - Gabriela Garza, conductor


Chemins IV - soprano saxophone & string orchestra
Luciano Berio

performed with Ensemble Mise-en
@The Italian Academy at Columbia University
New York, NYC
October 22, 2014

Grab It! - tenor saxophone and tape
Jacob Ter Veldhuis


Vertical Music - for ensemble, video, and electronics
R. Luke Dubois

@Good Shepherd Center
Seattle, WA
November 11, 2015

Anubis et Nout - bass saxophone
Gerard Grisey


@Manhattan School of Music
New York, NYC
April 30, 2012